Full Report

It's all about control. All we do is clear, so if you think is required, you are able to jump in and move things around!

All that occurrs throughout the shift is going to be written down. For instance, when someone makes a reservation or cancels one, if limo driver is overdue or he has any issue. If we notice something which doesn’t match, we will also inform. So basically, at the report, you can read about everything that occurred throughout the shift.

Calls recording

At the end of every shift, you will get all call recordings along with the report. In case you don’t like what you hear,  then we could change that immediately.

Screenshot monitor

If the client insists our limo dispatchers may have a screenshot monitor installed on their computer so at the end of the shift, it is possible to get all the screenshots.

Video conference

Limo dispatcher’s camera could be turned on throughout the shift in case you have more individuals in the workplace at the time to have someone online trough the entire shift.

Control management

Limo customer service is the first line of defense when it comes to customer support, so every second counts.

Our goal is to have a dispatcher which will become a part of your team.

We realize quality management is vital, so that’s the reason why a complete report and call recordings is essential.