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Limo dispatch YOU DESERVE

Have a dedicated agent

what we need from you

Call forwarding

We will provide a dedicated number only for you. You have to forward all of your calls to us at a shift we manage.

limo software

To handle your rides, we will need to gain access to a Limo Anywhere or some other applications you use. It is possible to create us a different account or provide with your own credentials.

E mail access

We will respond to all inquiries, enter all of the bookings we get. In order to do this we will need to have complete access to your email account.

Crash course of your business

Our dispatchers are well trained on Limo Anywhere and are knowledgeable about the limo market. However, every business is a topic for itself,thus we will need to get familiar with yours.

what you get from us


All your calls will be answered in time. Affiliate calls regarding the ride, client calls to inquire or reserve a vehicle, the driver calls for updates and GPS assistance We manage everything.


All limousine dispatch regarding tasks will be done. GPS tracking of vehicles, waking limo drivers, entering rides and sending confirmations. Whatever occurs in our shift it's going to be transfered into the limo application you use.

E mails

We're constantly online to answer each email very quickly. Whatever we receive in our shift, we can sort in folders that you would like and will be brought to you in a full report at the end of every shift.

Full report

At the end of each shift, you will get a full report. If we get a new reservation, customer doesn't show up, if somebody cancels the trip etc; you will be informed about that. Also, you will get recordings of all calls.

start in 3 steps


Get all of your questions answered and give us an opportunity to learn more about your organization and make you a customized offer.


Trough a Skype meeting, you will train our dispatchers about all the things which have to be taken cared. You may provide all of the information on your fleet, drivers, affiliates, rates, and all that we will need to learn to deal with your limo call center.


We offer a free 3-day trial to all of our customers. In these three days you will get a glimpse of how we handle business and what our possibilities are. Whether we proceed or you opt to give up these three days are free of charge.