How the limo call center works

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The importance of being online 24/7

Customers of a limo rental service tend to rent out vehicles throughout the day. Hence, it is important to make sure that customer support is available at all times as day. Even if a customer calls at 3 am in the morning, there should be someone to pick up the phone and provide assistance needed by the customer.

Otherwise, you will be creating a negative impression on the mind of the customer. Under such a situation, there is a high possibility for you to not hear from that customer again. 

If you provide an impressive service to the customer throughout 24 hours of the day, you can expect the customers to go ahead and recommend the limo rental service to others as well. This can contribute towards the overall development of the business. As a result, the limo rental service can keep on increasing the number of customers. 

 Few example situations where the limo call center would come into play? 
Still not convinced about the importance of a limo call center? Then you must take a look at these few example situations, which highlight the important role played by the call center. 

Making Reservations

When a person wants to make a limo reservation, he will go ahead and contact the call center. These customers look like they don’t know anything about limos and the service that you offer. All they want is a limo to be present at the scheduled date and time.

However, they have specific requirements, which they fail to communicate. It is important to extract those unique requirements and provide a personalized service. For example, it is important to understand what kind of a limo and what kind of a driver they are looking for.

Then the most appropriate limo needs to be reserved. In addition to that, a customer profile needs to be created in the system with customer details. 

Payment should also be accepted with the credit card and updated to confirm reservation. This is one of the most important and common roles played by a limo call center. 


Helping clients with a flight arrivals

When a customer books a limo as a transfer from airport to the hotel, it is important to get flight information. Flights can get delayed, or they sometimes arrive early. In case if the flight arrives early, customer should not be asked to wait in the airport. 

Likewise, the driver should not be asked to wait for a couple of hours, when there is a flight delay. This is where flight tracking becomes useful. Flight information of customer is obtained at the time of booking and the route of the flight is tracked. 

Then it is possible to understand the exact arrival time of the customer. Limo can then be sent to the airport to pick up the customer at the arrival time. This delivers a better overall experience to a customer as well as the driver. It can improve the overall efficiency associated with the service as well. 

Managing customer complaints

The call center plays a major role behind managing customer complaints as well. Customers are often difficult to please. That’s because they have demanding requirements. From their perspective, it’s reasonable for them to get angry. 

That’s because customers pay for the service and they expect a worthy return to come on their way at the end of the day. When a customer is angry, it is important for someone from the limo rental company to get in touch with him and sort out the things. 

That’s where limo call center plays a major role. Limos can get late to pick up customers due to bad traffic conditions on the road. In such situations, it is important to keep the customers updated. 

Then the customers will be able to know what’s happening and they will be able to keep frustration away from building up in their minds. 

Importance of monitoring call quality

It is important to maintain quality in all the conversations. A customer would measure the quality of limo rental service from the way how they are being treated from the call center.

When you take a look at a situation from the viewpoint of a customer, you will notice that he is getting in touch with someone from the limo rental company. Hence, the agent who answers call from the other end doesn’t matter to him. 

All he wants to get is a quality service for the amount he spends at the end of the day. That’s where a call center has to pay more attention towards call quality. 

No matter how angry a customer is, it is important to maintain patience and listen to the customer concerns. In other words, it is important to take a look at the reasons, which made the customer angry. 

Then it is possible to provide proper solutions to those reasons and try to calm down the customer. This works in most of the instances. Even if it doesn’t work, customer will get a positive impression in his mind about the way how he was treated. 

Therefore, you will not be creating a disappointed customer at the end of the day. You will be leaving a happy customer, who is impressed with the quality of service that you offer. 

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