Why Is Customer Service An Important Part Of A Company

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Customer service is an integral part of any organization. They add a lot of value to the entire business. Marketing builds your customer base while customer service maintains it.

The main purpose of a business is to generate profit and in order to maximize profit, businesses need to offer their best services to their clientele. 

Few years back, businesses used to hire customer service representatives and train them on their own. They were considered as the company’s employees. Things have changed a lot these days.

Since the last two decades businesses have shifted to outsourcing customer service duties to other countries. India,  The Philippines and Bangladesh all dominate the business process outsourcing industry. 

A large number of businesses in the western world are shifting from hiring their own representatives to outsourcing to third party companies in these countries. 

The labor is relatively cheaper in these countries and the staff is professional and trained by some of the best  and most experienced people in the industry. Businesses need a good and talented customer service team. 

Outsourcing their customer service to other companies can help them reduce cost, hire more people and save money on renting or buying a property for their customer service division.

The question that arises is “Why Are Companies So Focused On Their Customer Service These Days?”  Let’s take a look at some of factors that add to importance of customer service.

Value Addition

Professional and high quality customer service adds a lot of value to the business. It is one of the major factors that aid in maintaining your client base. 

People will always be inclined to purchase from companies that offer regular and high quality customer service. In addition to telephonic customer service, businesses have also started offering customer service through their website and social media accounts.

Customer Service Offers More Personalized Solutions

Customers love it when businesses offer individual and personalized solutions to their clients.  Customer service centers provide a great platform to customers to get their voices heard. 

When customers know that there is someone in the company willing to listen to them, they would be more than happy to stay  loyal to the company. Not all customers have the same query and everything cannot be resolved by looking at FAQs.

Increases Customer Loyalty

Customer service helps in resolving customer issues in a quick and professional manner. When a customer interacts with a company representative then that develops an emotional attachment between the company and the customer. It helps in increased loyalty for the respective brand. 

When customers know that there is someone in the company that would be willing to resolve their issues in a quick and timely manner then that would develop high levels of loyalty among the clientele. It is a known fact that customer retention is relatively more economical than acquiring new customers.

Customer Service Represents Your Brand

When someone calls into a company’s customer service then what ever the customer service representative say will be considered as the words of the company. This is why it is crucial for the customer service representative to say professional , ethical and patient. A good experience for the client will translate into increased brand image and brand loyalty.

Businesses Can Understand Their Customers Better Through Customer Service

Statistics are very important. Successful businesses keep track of analytical information available to them. Customer service department helps in gathering useful information for the company. For example if the customers call in to ask about a specific product then the company can then invest in promoting that product even more than before. This will be very beneficial for the company. It will help them sell more products and generate more revenue.

Happy Customers Promote Your Business

Customer service can help you gain more happy customers.   Happy customers are a great asset to your business. They can help in spreading good word about your company. Referrals are a very potent way of marketing your product. It can start a chain reaction for getting more and more customers.

Good Customer Service Increase Revenue

It is a known fact that good customer service increases revenue. Customers will always be willing to pay more for companies that offer excellent customer service. As mentioned before, it is a great value addition to the business, good customer service will not only help in gaining more customers but it will make your existing customers pay more for your products or service.

Customer Service Can Convert Irate Customers into Satisfied Customers

All customer representatives have for once come across an irate or angry customer in their career. A professional customer service representative will know how to handle such situation in a calm , professional and ethical manner. Angry customers are bound to spread negative word of mouth so if a customer representative can solve their problem then the customer might leave the conversation happier and more satisfied than before.

How Can You Build the Best Limo Customer Service Team

Customer service is one of the most important tasks of any business. Many companies tend to hire customer service staff from their locality so that they can easily train and manage them however with time the concept of outsourcing customer service has also gained a lot of popularity. Many companies these days  outsource customer service to other countries mainly in South Asian and South East Asian Countries. Countries like India, Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh are some of the biggest players in the market. The labor there is cheap. There are companies in these countries that have been in the respective field for decades which makes outsourcing customer service to these countries a very sensible idea.



Customer service can have a very positive impact on the entire business. From promoting your products to acquiring and maintaining loyal customers, customer service plays a huge role in the success of a business. Businesses that don’t offer good quality customer service are bound to fail. 

These days customer service does more than just value addition. The competition in the corporate world is very tough and customer service is necessary for a company’s survival. 

Without customer service, your clientele would not know where to go in order to get their queries resolved. If your company does not offer regular and high quality customer service then you might even start losing your loyal customers.

The labor cost in Western countries is very high. This is why many companies in the western world have outsourced their customer service offices to other countries like India and The Philippines. India is the biggest market for such services. 

There are many call centers and business process outsourcing companies in India that let you hire them for your customer service duties. The Philippines is also a great option. 

A recent study has shown that The Philippines is an ideal customer service outsourcing station for businesses in the western countries. The labor is relatively cheaper and unlike India and Bangladesh, the Filipino culture resonates with the western culture.

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