The Story Behind LDO

We wanted to provide you with some insights the way we do business. Looking out of a customer standpoint, we know that outsourcing limousine customer support isn’t a simply choice to take.

This is a chance to introduce ourselves and allow you to understand know what it’s all about.

The central figure within our business is limo dispatcher. Everything is being based around them. Their thoughts, needs and satisfaction is something that matters.

So, with this in mind, we strive very best to keep them happy, and if this is fulfilled they are an superb final product. Limo dispatchers are our brand. 

Our goal is to be a business with a reputation for having the best limo dispatchers in the industry.

To do that, our quality control is rigorous, but at the same time, our relationship with dispatchers needs to be friendly.

Improving the quality of our service and keep progressing is something we can do only if we have a dispatchers trust. What we try to achieve is a feeling that they work with us,not for us.

Our business model could be known as inspiration trough happiness 🙂

With us everything you see is exactly what you get! We don’t guarantee what we can’t meet.

You will find no extra fees and charges for monitoring the emails or performing any extra task, everything is clear and transparent.

When we establish the rate you receive a complete package with calls, emails, limo dispatch, customer service and all extra tasks which you have for us.

Now once you understand how we think you will have the ability to understand just how we do our business and you will know are we the ideal selection for you.